All the (off)road going amphibious vehicles of the world. (work in progress) All the (off)road going amphibious vehicles of the world. (work in progress)

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Larc V
Official US army picture.
All the comments with the pictures are from Bob Rose.

LARC V's in the surf, entering the ocean at Fort Story, Virginia.

Official US army picture.
Official US army picture.
Larc V Formation of LARC V's from 305th Trans. Co. off the coast of Virginia Beach, Va.
Larc V LARC V - a part of the above formation with Robby Robertson from Illinois as the operator. (Nice guy; he took really good care of his LARC. He was a sprint car racer before coming into the service.)
Larc V A nice photo of a cluster of LARC V's from the 305th Transportation Company on the beach at Fort Story, Virginia getting ready to cross the beach to meet up with a Navy LST in the distance.
Larc V LARC V, hull number 769, the "Can Leaky".

This was our LARC for maintenance platoon; we put her back together with parts we begged, borrowed, stole (oops! did I say that?) ....I meant to say, borrow for an indefinite period of time (ha ha).

There's a story in this, which I'll write about at another time!

(They ended up with a LARC to MUCH)
(Book keepers will never understand that)

Larc V Left: (1963)
The one with the smile and the nice teeth is the LARC V, #750, "Super-Lizard". The parasite next to it is that grubby lizard-mechanic! (Yours truly!)

Right: (1963)
Raul Galvan is the creator of the great artwork.
(I hope he's doing artwork on low-riders back home.)

Raul Galvan
Larc V Left: (1963)
Yours truly on top of the engine compartment.

Right: (1993)
Larc V Left: (1993)
LARC V trying to take off with my wife to go mate!
(I told her not to feed this thing!)

The larc turn out to be nice so it  let Nancy go.

(This  LARC V was  used by the Port Clinton, Ohio Fire Department.)
Lizart & Nancy
Larc V LARC V's heading through the woods
   (NOT to grandmother's house!).

All info and most pictures (from his private collection) by Bob Rose.