All the (off)road going amphibious vehicles of the world. (work in progress) All the (off)road going amphibious vehicles of the world. (work in progress)

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DAF-139 prototype
DAF The engine is placed in the centre of the vehicle
The occupants sit back to back :-)
There is room for 2 passengers and 2 drivers :-)
Yes indeed TWO drivers!
The steering in the back is locket under normal use but if necessary both the front and the back wheels can steer.

It is possible to reverse the direction from forward to reverse and to steer the vehicle from the back position and still use al the forward gears.

DAF Engine: Citroen TA 48 cv 4 cylinder 1911 cc
Tork: 11.7 at 1600 revs. max 4000 revs.

    1: 5.96:1
    2: 3.3:1
    2: 1.97:1
    4: 3.44:1
DAF Drive: permanent 4x4
Breaks: hydraulic drums on all 4 wheels
Tyres: 600 x 16 track grip
Speed land: 70 water: 8 km/h

DAF There is a extra gear reduction of 7.9:1

If you select the main reverse gear and also select the reverse gear on the normal gearbox the vehicle will move forward with the extra reduction of the reverse gear.

OK, grab a cup of  coffee, and read again!
DAF The extra gear reduction comes in handy when a very steep hill needs to be climbed. The normal max incline is 27 (54%) but with the extra reduction hills of 30 (60%) can be climbed.

The propeller is driven from the crown wheel of the rear differential so the wheels are turning in the water.
DAF The Dutch army tested the vehicle in march 1940 in the partly frozen river "IJsel" and as far as is been known the vehicle preformed perfectly.
DAF The vehicle was destroyed in May 1940 when WW II broke out to prevent it from falling in enemy hands.
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